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Our Story

Tommy Tacos is a local Huntington family-owned business that was opened by Tommy and his wife Elisa in July of 2020.  With almost 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry having worked for some of New York's finest restaurants, Tommy was ready to open his own place and bring a high standard to fast casual cuisine that is rarely found.

Tommy believes in one thing – delivering delicious, fresh food made and served with love.  To that end, he spends considerable time sourcing his food purveyors to find the highest quality ingredients available and taking the time to prepare them to his standards.  This involves:

  • Slow braising our pork, chicken and brisket for hours (our famous birria tacos sell out daily – see what the sensation is all about for yourself!)

  • Trimming our steaks prior to marinating and searing, making each bite perfect

  • Preparing our marinades, salsas, guacamole, and corn fritter batter in house daily with fresh, locally sourced ingredients when available

  • Using 100% nixtamalized corn tortillas – an extra process that makes the tortilla more nutritious

  • Creating unique “Agua Frescas” made from fresh fruits, as well as delicious desserts made from scratch in house such as our churro funnel cake and 0ccasional special pop-up items like whoopie pies, crispy rice treats, brownies and more! 

We believe that customer service above all else is the backbone of any restaurant and strive to deliver an excellent experience with every order.  If for some reason we fell short of that mark, please contact us immediately so we can make it right (see our “Contact Us” section). 

Peace, love and tacos!

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