Tommy Tacos / Mission Statement

After moving to Huntington from NYC, Tom and Elisa’s first priorities were to find their “go-to” take out spots for pizza, Chinese...and of course, the almighty taco. One thing immediately became clear...a fast, authentic taco was not in their delivery range! “The horror!” they screamed. “Do we move?” they thought. And then the age-old adage entered Tom’s head...” build it and they will come.” And so they did. Fueled by Tom’s 25 years of experience in the restaurant industry and Elisa’s creativity and discerning pallet, the idea for Tommy Tacos was born.

Tommy Tacos' mission is to serve fresh, delicious tasting tacos at a reasonable price. Because sometimes at the end of the day, we all just want good food, fast. We hope you enjoy!


Tom was born and raised in Florida. He has worked in restaurants since the early age of 13, initially employed by his father who was a general manager for several major hotel chains. Starting as a dishwasher and climbing quickly through the ranks, he is the true portrait of a self-made chef who understands every aspect of the industry. He has since worked under Michelin rated chefs and was ultimately hired by the TAO restaurant group to open an affiliate location in the Upper East Side.

His style is simple - food made with love, delivered with refined skill. His knife work is an art and his precision creates an atmosphere of controlled chaos that is exciting to watch. An opportunity in real estate and desire to use his business degree eventually took him away from the craft for several years, but eventually, he came back to his senses and returned to his true passion.


Elisa was born and raised in Long Island. She is a graduate of Boston College and UCONN Law School, and has worked full-time as a Director of HR Operations at a financial services firm in Midtown for the past 12 years. Behind the resume is a wildly creative mind that has been squeezed into every aspect of the design and marketing of the business. When she is not buried in spreadsheets she is either perusing menus, recipes, and/or daydreaming of what to eat later, for food happens to be a passion of hers as well and is the subject of conversation that turned her attention to Tom one random evening at Park Avenue Tavern some years ago. They married in 2017 and now live in Huntington's Knollwood Beach community.

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